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Dr Sara Suliman wants you to move against diabetes

Ann Marie McQueenJuly 13, 20224 min
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The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Dr Sara Suliman wants you to move against diabetes

Dr Sara Suliman is a consultant endocrinologist and diabetologist at the Imperial College Diabetes Center in Abu Dhabi. She studied at the world-renowned Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, earned her Phd at Oxford University, has authored several research papers and presented her research at major international conferences. She was a member of the team selected by the Emirates Diabetes and Endocrinology Society to update UAE guidelines for management of type-2 diabetes in 2020 and is also a joint UAE representative to the World Obesity Federation: Gulf & Lebanon Recommendations Experts Group, which is guiding new regional recommendations for the prevention, treatment and management of obesity. She joins The Livehealthy Podcast to speak all about the changing conversation about obesity, the diabetes epidemic, and epigenetics, which is basically what all of us can do about it.


• Why she went into medicine

• The patient who made her decide to be an endocrinologist

• The cause and effect of insulin resistance

• Why some slim people become insulin resistant and some overweight people do not

• Why you should treat Type-2 diabetes like a close friend – and how it’s possible to go into complete remission

• How research into epigenetics is changing the way we look at health and disease

• Changing views on weight loss

• The best diet options

• The reasons behind the prevalence of Polycsytic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and some of the treatment options

• Why movement – not just exercise – is so important in preventing insulin resistance