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Dr Saliha Afridi: It’s all a hero’s journey

Ann Marie McQueenJuly 6, 20223 min
عرض المقال بالعربية
The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Dr Saliha Afridi: It’s all a hero’s journey

Livehealthy editor Ann Marie McQueen speaks with Dr Saliha Afridi, founder and managing director of Lighthouse Arabia. Dr Afridi is a clinical psychologist with training and experience in a wide range of mental health issues, and she’s got some very sage advice for navigating life’s ebbs and flows, and finding and maintaining some form of inner peace during our current turbulent times.


  • How to thrive in times of uncertainty

  • Everyone is a victim

  • The problem of overwhelm and disconnection with self – and how to address it

  • Taking radical responsibility for yourself

  • The problem with pop psychology on social media

  • 3 things to do to get through a life crisis

Where to find Dr Afridi and Lighthouse Arabia:

Instagram: @lighthousearabia @drsalihaafridi