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CommunityHealthYou need vaccination status, PCR test to enter malls, shops and other public spaces

The UAE's health ministry has approved a 'green pass' protocol with a color-coded system to ease restrictions and allow safe movement
Anna PukasJune 10, 20214 min
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Al Hosn appAl Hosn app

Abu Dhabi is introducing a new “green pass” system to persuade 30 percent of the population who have not yet been vaccinated to sign up for their shots.

The measures should also encourage residents who have fallen behind on their second shots to catch up.

The new rules announced by the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee for Abu Dhabi apply to everyone from the age of 16.

In short, from June 15, anyone who has not been vaccinated will need to have a PCR test every three days if they want to go almost anywhere that is open to the public. Anyone getting a positive PCR must still follow the same procedures as before.

The system uses a combination of vaccination status, PCR tests and the Al Hosn app to allow entry into malls, big supermarkets, gyms, public and private beaches, parks, hotels and all their facilities, private swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, cinemas, museums and entertainment centers.

The Al Hosn app will show green for varying lengths of time after a negative PCR test, depending on the vaccination status of the individual. After the end of each period of validity, the app will turn grey until you get another negative PCR test.

The new color-coded system has six categories:

Fully vaccinated – PCR test every 30 days

• Residents are considered fully vaccinated when it has been 28 days from their second dose or if they took part in Phase 3 clinical trials for the Sinopharm vaccine.

• After a negative PCR test the app will remain green for 30 days.

• The ‘E’ and star symbols will show on the app for 7 days after a negative PCR test.

Second dose recipients

• For those who received a second dose less than 28 days ago, the app will show green for 14 days.

First dose recipients

Those who have received a first dose of vaccine but are waiting for the second dose need a PCR test every 7 days for their app to stay green

First dose recipients late getting their second dose

For those who have had their first dose but are 42 days late or more in getting their second dose, PCR tests are required every three days for the app to stay green.

Exempt from vaccination

For those who are officially exempt from being vaccinated for health reasons, the app stays green for 7 days after PCR tests


For those who have not had the vaccine, the app stays green for 3 days after a PCR test.

Anna Pukas

Anna Pukas has reported from all over the world as a foreign correspondent for British media. She is now an editor based in Abu Dhabi.

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