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FitnessMy fit life: MProve Fitness founder Mohammed Al Tamimi

The MProve Fitness owner, CrossFit coach and Etihad pilot rarely stops.
Ann Marie McQueenJune 3, 201854 min
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Mohammed Al Tamimi MProve Fitness

It’s always a little bit hard to pin down Mohammed Al Tamimi. And for good reason: This Emirati is a busy man. After introducing CrossFit to Abu Dhabi with Code M Fitness, he went on to found MProve Fitness, the Al Maqta-area warehouse gym complex that includes Steroid Cafe and Oxygen, a supplements shop. (He’s currently scouting for a second location, too.) Oh, and he travels the world for his day job as a pilot with Etihad Airways. We think he was in Greece when he answered our questions via WhatsApp.

What are the first things you do when you get up in the morning? The first thing I do is pray and drink a lot of water and do my cardiovascular. Tabata training [a burst of intense activity followed by a brief rest] is the best cardio.

When and how did physical fitness become important to you? Since I was a kid I was into fitness and sport, and then it developed through the years and with experience.

Are you ever not able to work out when you want to? Sometimes you get so busy that you can’t work out, but you try to make it up the next day. Trust me, it’s not a good feeling: guilt and laziness. It’s like something is missing that day.

When you have no time and no place to work out, what do you do? I simply walk for an hour or do any fast, high-intensity workout just to be satisfied.

What secret weapon or hack you can share? Simply eat healthy; eat grilled. Stay away from sweets and sugar. Work out for 90 minutes a day five times a week, and sleep daily for seven hours, and you will get results fast.

How do you motivate people who are struggling to live healthy? If there is a will, there is a way. Everything starts from zero. We try to motivate people, but in the end they have to take the first step to change their life.

Featured photo courtesy Mohammed Al Tamimi

Ann Marie McQueen

Ann Marie McQueen is the founding editor-in-chief of Livehealthy and host of The Livehealthy Podcast. She is a veteran Canadian digital journalist who has worked in North America and the Middle East. Her past roles include features editor for The National, trends writer and columnist for the Canadian newspaper chain Sun Media, and correspondent for CBC Radio.

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