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FitnessRamadanFit Sister’s Ramadan challenge: Be in nature

Human beings have a biological need to be in contact with nature, fit sister advises.
Sylvie EberenaJune 6, 20184 min
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ramadan nature
ramadan nature
Sylvie Eberena has challenged her clients and followers to get into nature this Ramadan – even if it’s night. Photo courtesy Sylvie Eberena.

The link between this third point of the challenge and the month of fasting may not seem obvious, but it is really important to me to raise awareness about our “nature deficiency.”

Given that fasting allows us to reconnect to our bodies and sensations, it doesn’t totally make sense if our bodies don’t evolve in the environment they are made to live in. Human beings have a biological need to be in contact with nature, which is as important as other health factors such as healthy eating, exercise, sleep or stress management. It is the most favorable place for our senses, concentration skills and psychological and physical health.

This comforting and beneficial connection to our roots have been investigated by researchers and taken into consideration in medicine. The scientifically proven benefits include: a decrease in blood pressure, an increase in anti-cancer proteins, increased energy, increased workout gains, less depression, reduced stress, improved cognitive functions, and also reduced hyperactivity and behavioral disorders in children.

Unfortunately, the time we spend in such places keeps on decreasing over the years, and we suffer from what we could reasonably call a “nature deficiency.” It is incredible to think that many of us never have any real contact with the natural ground.

It is important to try and spend more time in nature. Regularly. This is for both our mental and physical health. Whether it is in the forest, sea, desert or mountain, in the morning or at night, we just need to reconnect.

At the start of Ramadan, Sylvie Eberena issued a 4-part challenge to her clients and followers. 

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Timothy Simon 

Sylvie Eberena

Sylvie Eberena is a fitness trainer, writer, blogger, paleo guide and single mom who homeschools her four children. Through her videos and e-guides, she comes up with accessible eating plans and do-anywhere workouts for readers of her blog and for her more than 16,500 Instagram followers.

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