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When it comes to flashy gyms and upscale yoga studios — even new health food options — Abu Dhabi and Dubai tend to get all the attention. But with well over a million people, Sharjah is bursting with people looking to destress and boost their health and fitness levels by getting active. Here are some of the best places to work on your health and fitness. Gyms Fitness First Popular throughout the Middle East, Fitness...
Harriet ShephardJuly 18, 202216 min
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nature walk at Mysk Kingfisher Lodge Sharjah healthImage courtesy Mask Kingfisher Lodge, Sharjah

When it comes to flashy gyms and upscale yoga studios — even new health food options — Abu Dhabi and Dubai tend to get all the attention. But with well over a million people, Sharjah is bursting with people looking to destress and boost their health and fitness levels by getting active. Here are some of the best places to work on your health and fitness.


Fitness First

Popular throughout the Middle East, Fitness First has thoroughly made its mark on Sharjah’s fitness landscape with three different branches. The Al Fardan Centre venue spans a massive 20,000 square feet and provides lovely views of the Corniche as a distraction as you’re working up a sweat, while the brand new, upgraded base in the Sahara Centre is super swish. Finally, the Platinum Ladies Only Club at Zero 6 includes a vast choice of the brand’s legendary group fitness classes, all the latest exercise gadgets and an indoor swimming pool.

Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym Sharjah health
Image via Powerhouse Gym/Instagram

Sharjah managed to attract one of the most iconic and star-studded fitness brands in the United States. Famous for its celebrity clients like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cameron Diaz and John Travolta, Powerhouse Gym has over 1.5 million members across the world. However, despite what the name suggests, it’s not just for those who want to pump up. This is an inclusive health option that offers group workouts, personal training and massages, while the indoor pool and basketball and racquetball courts add extra appeal for sport lovers.

Health clubs

Body and Soul Ladies Health Club Sharjah

Spacious and welcoming to women of all fitness levels, this mammoth facility includes an indoor swimming pool, aerobic studio, spinning room, gym, dedicated CrossFit area, saunas and steam rooms. For those looking for a social workout experience, the energetic exercise programs promise to target every part of the body, with Abs Core, Body Shake, Tabata, Dumbbell Blast and other exhausting-sounding sessions all led by friendly instructors.

Platform Health Club

Platform Health Club - IMPACT Gym - Cardio Area - Sharjah health
Image via Platform Health Club

Opened earlier this year, the launch of the state-of-the-art Platform Health Club was a big event for Sharjah. The huge modern gym, indoor and outdoor padel courts, sauna and a nutrition corner manned by the hipster Sharjah coffee shop Drowsy Coffee are all further enhanced with expert personal training and engaging HIIT and Bootcamp sessions. CrossFit and bodybuilding enthusiasts will be in their element with the extensive array of equipment, while Drowsy Coffee is really a local institution in itself, providing ethically sourced coffee beans, the now-expected avocado toast and acai bowls, along with guilt-free baked treats and more.

Sharjah Ladies Club

This enormous lifestyle hub for women and children offers every possible kind of activity you can imagine, including ice skating, tennis, water polo, synchronized swimming and kayaking, plus cardio, strength training and yoga classes. Established in 1982 under the patronage of the wife of the ruler of Sharjah, the private beach, spa and beachfront restaurants make it easy to turn your quick workout into a whole day of self-care. Mental health is nurtured too, with the Collage Talent Centre providing lessons in languages, art, music, ballet and fashion. You can try it all out by grabbing one of the Tourist day passes for Dh150.


Al Rabi Mountain Trail

If outdoor fitness is more your thing, then you’ll be pleased to know that Sharjah is blessed with one of the most picturesque and accessible hiking routes in the UAE. Easy to follow and suitable for beginners, the Al Rabi Mountain trail in Khor Fakkan begins at the Al Rabi watchtower, which dates back to 1915. The entire circuit takes around three to four hours to complete and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the mountain-rimmed bay and blue waters from 395m.  Don’t forget to take your obligatory “I-made-it-to-the-top” selfie with the flag on the summit either.


Mysk Kingfisher Retreat

kayaking at Mysk Kingfisher Lodge
Image courtesy Mask Kingfisher Lodge Sharjah

Set on an island nature reserve off the east coast, this eco-friendly getaway is brimming with birds, gazelles, turtles, crabs and other fascinating wildlife. A place to reboot your physical, mental and emotional health, sunset yoga, archery, kayaking, beach volleyball, football, badminton, cricket and nature walks are organized alongside beach clean ups, meditation sessions and turtle-watching excursions. A very comfortable way of going back to basics and living at one with nature, each luxury glamping-style tent comes with a plunge pool, air conditioning, barbecue area and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains or mangroves.

Mysk Moon Retreat

Mysk Moon Retreat
Image courtesy Mask Moon Retreat

If you’re craving the peace and seclusion of the desert, Mysk Moon Retreat lets you switch off and reset in amongst the majestic golden dunes. Active types will relish the desert treks and mountain biking adventures, while the chic domes and tents feature star-gazing telescopes, private lagoons and every state-of-the-art amenity you can imagine. However, rather than being waited on at all times, guests are required to roll up their sleeves, barbecue their own nutritious feasts and experience the therapeutic joy of cooking outdoors.

Healthy eating

Figure 8

It’s almost worth investing in a membership at Altitude Gym Sharjah just to give yourself an excuse to visit this wellness café on a regular basis. Far more than just your standard protein shake bar, Figure 8 is loved for its delicious and wholesome mains like superfoods pesto pasta, low-carb fajitas and Greek-style salmon with orzo. The sandwiches and salads are ideal for lunch on the go, while the home-baked banana breads and cookies are the guilt-free post workout treat you’ve been searching for.

GreenHeart Organic Farms

Although the GreenHeart farm shop is found in Dubai, its fabulous fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs are all produced on its enormous farm in Sharjah. Having mastered the considerable challenges of farming in the desert over several years, GreenHeart now makes its own soil using manure from its own cows and goats, and waters its crops with water from underground wells.  Home delivery is available across Sharjah and its commendable plastic-free policy means that everything is sold in returnable glass jars and boxes, or biodegradable bags made from leaves and herbs.


Juicy homemade burgers, chicken tikka, pastas and other healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods await at this homegrown body and mind focused chain. With three popular branches in Dubai, Sharjah residents are now able to enjoy its incredible array of options, including savory keto friendly specials like stuffed peppers and chicken shawarma bowls, and sweet (yet nourishing) gluten-free brownies and chia puddings.

Kind Lyfe

Kind Lyfe Sharjah
Image courtesy Kind Lyfe

Founded by a family from Sharjah, Kind Lyfe’s iconic vegan cookies are now stocked across the region’s biggest supermarkets, including Spinneys, Waitrose and Carrefour. Chemical and preservative-free and all made here in the UAE, these tasty home baked delights are both indulgent yet entirely natural and unprocessed. Choose from cookies mixed with raw double chocolate, fruit mix and more tempting flavors, or opt for the irresistible pecan pie, brownie and cookie dough bites.

Harriet Shephard

Harriet Shephard is an Abu Dhabi-based copywriter and freelance journalist with a particular focus on fitness, travel and lifestyle, which, along with good food, also happen to be her main passions when she's not typing away at her laptop.

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