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Looking for a Transformation? Meet Yasir Khan

آن ماري ماكوينسبتمبر 14, 20224 min
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The LiveHealthy Podcast
The LiveHealthy Podcast
Looking for a Transformation? Meet Yasir Khan

Yasir Khan is an entrepreneur, transformational mentor, and founder of Transform Your Body and this month he is launching a huge new holistic gym concept. It’s a long way from the kid who used to sell milk and sweep the gym floor to opening his own 75,000 square-foot facility in Al Quoz – which will be one of the biggest in the GCC and can accommodate up to 500 people at a time. Yasir talks all about his 360-degree fitness philosophy, his belief in the power of habits to overcome the destructive tendencies of our subconscious, why eating whole food matters, and much more. Yasir also shares the following with us:

  • Why habits are everything

  • How he got his start in fitness

  • Customized equipment, weights designed by Italian car design team Pininfarina, a container gym devoted to assessments, cryotherapy and a Transform Your Food cafe are all the elements that went into making TYB a wellness destination

  • What he thinks about the rise of pricey wearables and metabolic fitness platforms

  • The rise of the “supergym” trend and why it’s here to stay

  • Diving into the rationale behind his whole food philosophy

  • Why recovery matters so much (and why he had to learn about it the hard way)


Where to find Transform Your Body & Yasir:

Instagram: @Yasir_Khan_official