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There are more ways than ever before to focus on our own health and that of our family, not to mention get some stylish workout gear, smart supplements, eat well and take care of the planet, too. Recapp app With 1,500 users and three tonnes of materials collected, RECAPP, the UAE’s first free recycling service has been building real momentum since it was launched in October 2020 by Veolia Middle East and Agthia Group. RECAPP...
Ann Marie McQueenMay 10, 202120 min
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Coffee Planet healthyImage courtesy Coffee Planet

There are more ways than ever before to focus on our own health and that of our family, not to mention get some stylish workout gear, smart supplements, eat well and take care of the planet, too.

Recapp app

Image courtesy of RECAPP

With 1,500 users and three tonnes of materials collected, RECAPP, the UAE’s first free recycling service has been building real momentum since it was launched in October 2020 by Veolia Middle East and Agthia Group. RECAPP has been endorsed by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and signed partnerships with Borouge, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Majid Al Futtaim and Unilever. RECAPP picks up plastic bottles and aluminum cans and offers users points based on the weight of each collection. This can be used to redeem rewards from an online marketplace. Available for free from the Apple store or Google Play

Chew your vitamins

rite healthy vitamins
Image courtesy of Rite

Rite are new born-in-Dubai, made-in-France vitamins. Founders Sebastien Herriau and Guillaume Tripet used their own savings to launch the brand of all-natural, all-vegan, no-sugar gummies that mix plants, vitamins and amino acids.Rite are the only gummies made in this way. These special superfoods are selected for their renowned benefits. Take two energy gummies each morning for a shot of acerola, guarana, ginseng, Vitamin C, B vitamins and L-Arginine. Then two of the slim gummies after lunch; each one contains probiotics, fennel, artichoke, chromium and L-carnitine. A one-month supply of each is Dh139, with free shipping. 

Neat stuff from Ninjoo 

Image courtesy of Ninjoo

These days it seems like everything needs to be up-leveled and if you are an active person in the UAE who also likes attractive and functional design, then Ninjoo is the site for you. This is where you go for your vibrating foam rollers, water bottles that track your intake, LCD smart jumping ropes that do the counting for you, beautiful balance balls and the kind of dumbbells that will make you want to lift them over and over again. 

Sunkiss sunscreen


Image courtesy of SunKiss

SunKiss is the UAE’s first homegrown sun-care brand that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. The mineral-based, water-resistant and broad-spectrum SPF products use a combination of shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba and red raspberry seed. SunKiss is packaged in reusable, refillable and recyclable aluminum packaging. It is vegan, cruelty-free and non-comedogenic, meaning the products won’t clog your pores. Available in SPF 15 and 30, the full range includes classic, gently scented coconut, an unscented version for men, children’s and after-sun care products, too. SPF 30 from Dh160.

Spring for Sprout

Sprout healthy kids food
Image courtesy Sprout

Plant-based, preservative-free, sustainable and nutrient-dense meals for children – that they will actually eat. That’s what the UAE-based founders of Sprout are promising with their line of ready meals, with names like Easy Peasy Bolognese, Kung Fu Rice and and Mac Ain’t Cheese, now available at Spinneys. The line was born when biochemist Oz Erbas and marketing technologist Katerina Papatryfon noticed the low levels of fiber, vitamins and minerals children were getting in their food, in comparison to the number of calories. They went on a mission to do better, for their own children and others, believing diets need more whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds on a daily basis. Thus was Sprout born.The meals are priced from Dh33 each and served in reusable, collectable glass jars. Stocked at select Spinneys or for delivery by subscription throughout the UAE. 

Slide Effect

Barre Effect
Image courtesy of Barre Effect

The Dubai studio Barre Effect has added a new class to its roster, based around two sliding disks. Slide Effect takes a signature 50 minute full-body sculpting class, ups the intensity of any bodyweight move, and puts a strong focus on core and gluten in order to maintain strong stabilization throughout the workout. Adding in the disks allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements, working multiple muscle groups while working to keep the core stable throughout the range of motion.

Liquid collagen

Image courtesy of Qwell

Two new brands of drinkable collagen are hitting the UAE market: Qwell is a range of collagen-infused bottled water sourced from the Alps in northern Italy and combined with hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, zinc, B-12 and more  to support healthy hair, nails, bones and joints. Then there is Gaia Naturelle’s Collagen Shot, which also aims to cut down on joint pain, fatigue and more with the mineral MSM, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C, E, B6, biotin and zinc. Studies have shown that the body can absorb collagen when taken orally. Qwell also reports that it is absorbed up to 90 percent more effectively than in supplement form, since the body doesn’t need to work to extract the nutrients. Quell will be stocked in supermarkets and pharmacies across the UAE; Collagen Shot via its website or Amazon.

Coffee = trees

Coffee Planet
Image courtesy of Coffee Planet

The Dubai roastery, Coffee Planet, already offers Nespresso-compatible biodegradable capsules (we’re partial to the Peru Satipo, with Brazil Sul de Minas coming in a close second). Now, they’ve launched the Plant-a-Tree Project: with every purchase of their capsules, Coffee Planet will plant a tree via the California-based Eden Reforestation Project. This project aims to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests at a time when deforestation is at an all-time high, by hiring people in need of jobs to help plant millions of trees every year. This is just the first sustainability project Coffee Planet has in the works for 2021, according to CEO Robert Jones, who says: “Our passion and livelihoods are deeply connected to Mother Earth and her incredible biodiversity. We are always looking for ways to become better at protecting and restoring the earth’s biodiversity, ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the entire coffee community and serving the best tasting coffee we can.” 

Thrive in 5

Dr Sarah Rasmi
Image courtesy of Dr Sarah Rasmi

Don’t have the time – or money – for therapy? Thrive in 5 is a brand-new platform created by Canadian psychologist Dr Sarah Rasmi, who is managing director of the Thrive Wellbeing Centre. The concept offers short courses that tackle the major issues many of us are facing, each one cost-effective, self-paced and flexible. Choose from courses on managing anxiety and perfectionism, avoiding and managing burnout, communicating as a couple, improving memory and learning, self-care, procrastination and body confidence. Each course costs about Dh475, which is less than the price of one therapy session. Use promo code mentalhealthmatters to get 20 percent off single courses until the end of May. 

Oh My Gold 

Oh My Gold
Image courtesy of Oh My Gold

Angela Bishara was living her best life in Dubai, icomplete with exercise and good nutrition, when knee inflammation left her struggling to walk for over a year. She was later diagnosed with severe cases of reactive arthritis and Hashimoto’s disease. Even though the doctors she visited couldn’t agree on a diagnosis, they all recommended incorporating turmeric into her diet. She did, and saw major improvements within two months. She spotted a gap in the market, set about producing her own formula and OhMyGold was born. OMG combines turmeric, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves to reduce inflammation, brighten the complexion, boost immunity and support muscle and joint health. The blend is vegan, keto and paleo-friendly, and all ingredients have been sourced from certified organic suppliers. And unlike other products on the market, there is no inflammatory sugar of any kind to mess with the benefits. Have it with your milk or mylk of choice or add to smoothies and other recipes. Order at Dh68 per sachet via Instagram

Get a Smart Heart

Image courtesy of The LightHouse Arabia

Psychologists at The LightHouse Arabia have launched their own board game to cultivate emotional intelligence in children from ages four to 11, called SmartHeart. The game uses picture and word cards to help children identify and communicate their feelings, think for themselves and create solutions to their problems. SmartHeart helps normalize universal experiences including divorce, grief, fears, friendship and sibling rivalry. It also caters to the experiences of third-culture kids, is culturally sensitive and relatable across all religions, races and traditions. A resource for parents as well as occupational and speech therapists, pediatricians, counsellors and other professionals dealing with children. The game is available for Dh250 from The LightHouse Arabia clinic and online.

Ann Marie McQueen

Ann Marie McQueen is the founding editor-in-chief of Livehealthy and host of The Livehealthy Podcast. She is a veteran Canadian digital journalist who has worked in North America and the Middle East. Her past roles include features editor for The National, trends writer and columnist for the Canadian newspaper chain Sun Media, and correspondent for CBC Radio.

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